About Us

Welcome to the CommUNITY

We are the Special Needs CommUNITY of Northern Nevada, a non-profit organization based in the Reno/ Tahoe area dedicated to improving the lives and experiences of those with special needs. Learn more about the Chief Executive Officer and the SNCNN Board.

Our goal is to improve the day-to-day lives of those with special needs through social activities that allow members to enjoy them regardless of what makes them special. These include sensory hours that local businesses put on where the lights and sounds are turned down to allow those with any aversion to enjoying the activities in a less crowded atmosphere. These events occur every month, with larger events around the holidays helping families get the most out of events they often take for granted. Be sure to check our calendar of events each month!

We strive to support parents of those with special needs as we realize that after your first diagnosis, it can be daunting and hard to find the information you need. Our community is very caring, and understanding to the plight of those that support those with special needs as much as those with the needs and thus offers support groups and one on one talks to help navigate these new waters. Our mission is to provide a local community of those ready to support all families and individuals with special needs in our area and help them live the life they want regardless of anything trying to hold them back. Support meetings are posted on our monthly calendars, and the Facebook group is available to talk to the community.

Each year, we continue to grow and expand our programs and events to help with any needs that may arise with local families. We love hearing from those old and new to the community about what we can expand on or local businesses that may want to partner in making the area more special needs-friendly. Getting involved directly is always available as a Partner, Sponsor, or Volunteer.

Thank you for showing interest in our organization and what we hope to achieve here in this beautiful place we call home. We have already found many kind and supportive people across our area and hope to continue spreading the kindness we have received!

Any questions can be directed to our email at Sncommunityofnn@gmail.com.