How to Help


Our Partners are businesses that have shown an interest in offering experiences for the local special needs community that they otherwise would have a hard time enjoying. Usually, this can include special “sensory hours” that are usually outside regular hours to allow those who can’t be around large crowds or extreme lights and sounds. But the ultimate goal of our partner program is to offer local businesses an opportunity to get to meet the special needs community and get a better understanding of how they can help improve the lives and experiences of their non-typical customer.

Thank You to Our Current Partners!


Sponsors are businesses and individuals that wish to support the community while not directly offering services or experiences. This usually includes helping us maintain or regular events or donating to our yearly events.

Thank You to Our Past Sponsors


Many of our yearly events need extra help in the transport and organizing of supplies and donations. Though the community does often show to help when they can there is always opportunities for volunteers to help all year round. There are also several events that allow for involvement with special needs kids and families to help make the most out of the event.